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Generic Eldepryl

Generic Eldepryl is used for treating Parkinson disease. This medicine is taken with levodopa-carbidopa medicines.

Common Parkinson’s Symptoms

Parkinson’s disease is associated with aging and the symptoms change as the disease progresses. The symptoms are not always the same in every person and what one may experience another may not. Typically, the symptoms start between the ages of 50 and 60 and progress slowly often going unnoticed by those suffering from initial stages of the conditions and those around them. Parkinson’s symptoms can affect the motor skills of a person as well as non-motor skills. These tend to start on one side of the body and then move to the other. They however remain worse on the side where they start. Common Parkinson’s symptoms are:

Tremor or shaking

tremor-ParkinsonThis is often the first symptom of the disease and will often go unnoticed. It mainly affects a leg or arm while at rest and causes what is known as resting tremors. A unique characteristic of tremors due to Parkinson’s disease is that they tend to get better when the affected body part is moved. Tremors caused by other disease conditions on the other hand get worse when the part is moved. It may also be noted as back-and-forth rubbing of the forefinger and thumb in what is known as a pill-rolling tremor. The tremor often starts in one of the limbs and later on moves to all four of them getting worse as time progresses.


Parkinson-maskThis is characterized by slow body movement in which the daily activities become harder to achieve due to slowness in pace. This is especially exaggerated when one wants to move from a resting position. Walking becomes slow with the affected person taking small, short and shuffled steps. Balance and posture problems are also experienced with frequent falls experienced in advanced stages of the disease.

Rigid muscles

This can occur in any part of the body with the most commonly affected being leg, neck, face and arms muscles. The rigid muscles feel tired and ache while at the same time reducing the abilities to move the affected body parts. Muscles in the face and neck region may make it hard to talk and swallow causing slow monotonous speech. It may also lead to choking, coughing and drooling. A common Parkinson’s symptom is a Parkinson’s mask which is characterized by a vacant facial expression due to the muscles remaining fixed in one place.

Smaller handwriting

In Parkinson’s disease, writing tends to become difficult and when one is able to write, they do so in handwriting smaller than usual. This change is sudden and usually not by choice. The letters you write are small and the crowded together. Only if the two traits are combined should you be worried and get proper diagnosis for Parkinson’s disease else it could just be a usual change.